GA 12

Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Type -II

DOSHION GA-12 is a GEL Type -II Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin with high capacity. It is based oncross-linked polystyrene matrix. DOSHION GA-12 is specially designed to give high throughput and economical operation. Trimethyl amine is used to prepare Type -1resin and Dimethyl ethanolamine is used to prepare Type -II resin. Thus the basicity of the Type -II resin is lower than that of the Type -1resin and the hydrophilicity of the Type- II resin is higher than that of the Type -I resin.
DOSHION GA -12is recommended for demineralisation, oxygen removal and nitrate removal .The resins are highly resistant to osmoticshocks and attrition losses and are adaptable for both counter -current and co -current operations.
Matrix Cross linked Polystyrene
Functional group Quaternary Ammonium Type – II
Lonic Form CI – Chloride
Physical Form Hard  Moist  Beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.30 – 1.20
Moisture Content % 46-52
Total Exchange Capacity  (min)(eq/L) 1.2
Bulk Density or Shopping Weight( gms/L) 700-720
Operating pH Range 0-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Volume change % (max) :CL – OH  17
Operating Temperature (max)  °C 40(OH)
70 (Cl)
Minimum bed depth cm 75
Regenerant Concentration % 4-5(NaOH)
Regenerant flow rate *BV/hr 2-6
Regenerant contact time Minutes 30
Regeneration Level Kg  per m3 of Resin 30-90 (NaOH)
Displacement Rinse Rate *BV/hr 2-6
Displacement Rinse volume *BV 1-2
Fast Rinse Rate *BV/hr 10-40
Fast Rinse volume *BV 4-10
Service flow rate *BV/hr 10-40

*Bed Volumes/Hour *Bed Volumes

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