GA 11

Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Type - I

DOSHION GA-11 resin is a GEL Type-1 Strong Base Anion Exchange resin with high capacity. It is based on polystyrene matrix with quaternary ammonium functional groups. DOSHION GA-11 is specially designed to give high throughput and economical operation in both water and non water applications. DOSHION GA-11 resin in combination with DOSHION CSA-9 resin, gives outstanding separation and performance in mixed beds.
The resin is supplied in hard moist bead forms and is suitable for both Co-current and Counter current operation. GA-11 is best suited for achieving lowest possible silica leakages in treated water.
Matrix Cross linked Polystyrene Gel
Functional group Quaternary Ammonium Type – I
Ionic Form CI – Chloride
Physical Form  Hard Moist Beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.30 – 1.20
Moisture Content % 48-54
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) (min.) 1.25
Bulk Density or Shopping Weight( gm/L) 690-710
 Operating pH Range 0-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Volume change % (max) : C1 – OH  17
 Operating Temperature (max)  °C 60 ( OH ) 100(C1)
Minimum bed depth cm 75
Regenerant Concentration % 4-5 (NaOH)
Regenerant flow rate *BV/hr 2-6
Regenerant contact time Minutes 30
Regeneration Level Kg  per m3 of Resin 30-120 (NaOH)
Displacement Rinse Rate *BV/hr 2-6
Displacement Rinse volume *BV 1-2
Fast Rinse rate *BV/hr 10-40
Fast Rinse volume *BV 4-10
Service flow Rate *BV/hr 10-40

*Bed Volumes/Hour *Bed Volumes

Pharma Polymer (20)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) (4)

Taste Masking Agents (7)

Tablet Disintegrating Agents (3)

Nicotine Taste Masking (1)

Separation of Aminoacids, Enzymes & Alkloids (1)

Purification of Vitamin C (1)

Stabilization of Vitamin B12 (1)

Sustain/Control release (2)

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