DIRM 412

Iron Removal Resin Media

DOSHION DIRM 412 is resin media for effectively removal of dissolved iron from ground water. DOSHION DIRM412 is an insoluble resin media which enhances the oxidation of dissolved iron and converts the soluble iron(Fe++) into insoluble Ferric (Fe++) which produces ferric hydroxide and can be filtered through resin media.DOSHION DIRM-412 effectively removes the iron present as a ferrous iron, however colloidal iron, soluble organic iron and bacterial iron are also removed comparatively to a lesser extent. Regeneration of resin media can be done by simple back washing with raw water .

The Advantages of DOSHION DIR-412 :
• It is an insoluble resin media simply acting as an iron filter .
• Granular shape & Particle size is to suit flow dynamics of a treatment plant.
• Longer life due to regenerable nature and hence very economical over the consumable conventional media.
• High efficiency to remove iron as compare to conventional media, almost iron free water (<0.3 ppm) can be obtained.
Color Dark brown to black
Particle size mm 0.30 – 1.20
Effective size mm 0.45 – 0.60
Moisture Content % 46 – 54
Voids % 40
Bulk Density or  Shipping Weight gms/ltr 800
pH of feed water > 6.5
Dissolved oxygen > 15 % of Dissolved iron
Alkalinity ppm >100
Free chloride Nil
Organic matter ppm < 1.0
TDS (max) ppm 2500
Temperature (max)  °C 40
Bed depth mm 700 -1500
Service flow rate *BV 15
Back wash flow rate *BV 25-30
Back wash bed expansion % 50
Back wash time min 15-20
Back wash frequency hrs 8-10

*Bed Volumes

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Nicotine Taste Masking (1)

Separation of Aminoacids, Enzymes & Alkloids (1)

Purification of Vitamin C (1)

Stabilization of Vitamin B12 (1)

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Special Application Resins (5)

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