Macroporous Strong Base Anion Resin

DOSHION DCHR 78 resin is a macroporous strong base anion exchange resin which is specially designed for the removal of Arsenic present in terms of Arsenate from water for potable processes. The macroporous matrix and special ion exchange group functionality imparts ideal arsenic selectivity to DCHR 78 making this resin particularly suitable for Arsenic removal even when moderate to high concentrations of Sulphate are present. Hence this resin gives superior performance in Arsenic removal applications when compared with standard exchange resins. Arsenic is present in water in Arsenate and Arsenite forms. Arsenite is a neutral species so for complete removal of Arsenic, it needs to be further oxidized to arsenate for removal as described above. Oxidation can be accomplished by air stripping the water stream or addition of an oxidizing agent like peroxide or ozonolysis. The Characteristics of
DCHR 78 • Ideal for removal ofArsenicfrorn water for Potable processes.
Matrix Cross linked Polystyrene Macroporous
Functional group Special Arsenic Selective
Ionic Form CI – Chloride
Physical Form Opaque Cream Spherical Beads
Particle size (mm) 0.3- 1.2
Uniformity Coefficient (max) 1.7
Moisture Content, CI form % 50-56
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) (min) 0.9
Bulk density or shipping weight gm/L 675 – 705
Operating Temperature °C , CI form (max) 100
Reversible Swelling CI – SO4-2/NO3 Negligible
Solubility in Common Solvents Insoluble
Minimum Bed Depth cm 75
Operating pH 4.5 – 8.5
Regenerant Concentration % 3-10(NaCL)
Regenerant Flow Rate *BV/hr 3 – 6
Regenerant Contact Time Minutes 30 min
Regeneration Level Kg per M3 of Resin 90 – 250 (NaCL)
Displacement Rinse Rate *BV/hr 2 – 5
Displacement Rinse Volume *BV 2 – 5
Fast Rinse Rate *BV/hr 8 – 32
Fast Rinse volume #BV 4 – 10
Service flow rate *BV/hr 8-32

* Bed Volumes/Hour #Bed Volumes

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