Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

DOSHION CSA 9 is a GEL Type Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin product by the sulfonation of styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers. The resin is designed to combine high operational capacity and superior physical stability. This quality is assured by specifications that call for a whole un-cracked bead content of at least 95% and an unmatched bead strength. DOSHION CAS-9 is the resin of choice whenever high performance is required. The resin is available in both Na+ and H+ form.
DOSHION CSA 9 can also be supplied with such particle size and density characteristics that will assure fast and sharp separations when used in combination with DOSHION ASB-1 08 or DOSHION GA-11 anion resin in mixed bed applications.
Matrix Cross linked Polystyrene Macroporous
Functional group  So3 (Sulphonic )
Ionic Form H+ – Sodium 
Na+ -Hydrogen
Physical Form Hard Moist Beads
Particle size (mm) 0.30- 1.20
Moisture Content % 48-54  H+  form
43 – 50  Na+ form
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) (min) 1.8  H+  form 
2.0 Na+ form
Bulk Density / Shipping Weight (gm/L) 800-830  H+  form 
830-850  Na+ form
 Operating pH Range 0-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
 Volume change % (max) :  Na+ to H+
Minimum Bed Depth cm 75
Regenerant Concentration % 10-16(NaCl)
1-5 (H2So4
4-5 (HCL)
Regenerant Flow Rate *BV/hr 2 – 8
Regenerant Contact Time Minutes 30
Regeneration Level Kg per m3 of Resin 60-160 (NaCl)
60-150  (H2So4
30-150 (HCL)
Displacement Rinse Rate *BV/hr 2 – 8
Displacement Rinse Volume *BV 1-2
Fast Rinse Rate *BV/hr 10-40
Fast Rinse volume *BV 4 – 10
Service flow rate *BV/hr 10-40

* Bed Volumes/Hour #Bed Volumes

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