CSA 609D

DOSHION CSA-609D is a Macroporous Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin. It is based on polystyrene matrix with sulfonic acid functional groups. Due to its highly cross linked matrix and macroporous structure, this resin has exceptional physical strength and chemical stability. The highly cross linked structure provides greater resistance to oxidants and insures longer resin life under aggressive operating conditions. The high degree of cross linking also contributes physical strength and rigidity to the DOSHION CSA-609D resin beads, thus preventing fracture or breakage due to osmotic shock. The sizing of this resin is such that the pressure drop in service will be low and the separation will be good in mixed bed operation.
Matrix Cross linked Polystyrene Macroporous
Functional group HSO3-
Ionic Form H+ – Hydrogen
Physical Form Moist Opaque Beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.30 – 1.2
Moisture Content % 50-56
Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L) (min) 1.6
Specific Gravity gms/ml (About)
Bulk Density or Shopping Weight gms/ltr 800-830
Specific Gravity gms/ml (About) 5-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Effect of Acid & Alkali Unaffected
Operating Temperature °c (max) 120
Volume change % (max) :H+ – Na+
Minimum bed depth cms 75
 Backwash rate **m/hr See Fig.2
Regenerant Concentration % 1.30 (H2SO4)
4- 5 (HCl)
Regenerant flow rate ^BV/hr 2 – 8
Regenerant contact time Minutes 30  min
Regeneration Level 100% H2SO4 HCl kgs per M3 of Resin 60-150 (H2SO4)
Displacement Rinse rate *BV/hr 2 – 8
Displacement Rinse volume *BV 1 – 2
Fast Rinse rate *BV/hr 10-40
Fast Rinse volume *BV 4-10
Service flow rate *BV/hr 10-40

*Bed Volumes/Hour **Bed Volumes

Sulphuric Acid concentration must be adjuste according to calcium content in the feed water

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