CGC 1200

Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

DOSHION CGC 1200 is a strongly acidic, gel-type, polymer-based resin in spherical bead form with sulfonic acid group and is ideally suited as a heterogeneous catalyst for organic reactions. It has a low degree of cross linking, good mechanical stability and gives optimum performance in polar media Therefore, it is especially suitable for use in the following applications: Bisphenol-A production. Contestations and esterifications of small polar molecules, hydrolysis of ethers and esters.The special properties of this product can only be fully utilized if the technology and process used correspond tothe current state-of-the-art. Further advice in this matter can be obtained from Doshion, Business Unit Ion ExchangeResins.

Additional Information & Regulations

Safety precautions
Strong oxidants, e.g. nitric acid, can cause violent reactions if they come into contact with ion exchange resins.
The safety data sheet must be observed. it contains additional data on product description, transport, storage, handling,safety and ecology.
In the European Community Ion exchange resins have to be disposed, according to the European waste nomenclature which can be accessed on the internet-site of the European Union.
It is recommended to store ion exchange resins at temperatures above the freezing point of water under roof in dryconditions without exposure to direct sunlight. If resin should become frozen, it should not be mechanically handled andleft to thaw out gradually at ambient temperature. It must be completely thawed before handling or use. No attemptshould be made to accelarate the thawing process.
Matrix Cross Linked Polystyrene Polystyrene
Functional Group SO (Sulphonic)
Ionic Form H – Hydrogen
Physical Form Gel type Beads
Appearance Dark brown, translucent
Total capacity* min. eq/l 1.2
Uniformity Coefficient* max 1.6
Regenerant Concentration mm 0.4 – 1.25
Effective size* mm 0.50 – 0.65
Fines* (< 0.315 mm) max. vol. % 0.5
Bulk density (+/- 5 %) g/l 750 – 850
Water retention wt. % 60 -70
Stability (temperature range) °C -20 – 130
Storability (of the product) max.months 6
Storability (temperature range) ° C -20 – 40

*Bed Volumes/Hour **Meters/Hour *Bed Volumes

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