Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Type-I

DOSHION ASB 8010D is a strongly basic, Type-I, Macroporous Anion Exchange Resin based on strong polystyrene matrix containing quaternary ammonium groups. The resin is exceptionally stable towards physical, chemical and thermal shocks, especially resin shows excellent stability towards oxidative attacks. A true macroporous resin effectively removes large organic molecules to produce a very high quality water
Matrix Cross Linked Polystyrene Macroporous
Functional group Quaternary ammonium Type-|
Lonic Form CI – Chloride
Physical Form Moist Opaque Beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.55-0.70(mean)
Molsture Content % 55-65
Total exchange capacity eq/ltr (min.) 1.1
Bulk Density or Shopping Weight gms/ltr 670-690
Operating pH range 0-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Volume Change %(Max):CI.OH 17
Uniformity Coeffcient 1.3-1.5
Operating Temperature (max) °C 60
Minimum bed depth cm 75
 Regenerant Concentration % 4-5(NaOH)
Regenerant flow rate ^BV/hr 2-4
Regenerant contact time Minutes 30 min
Regeneration lavel Kgs per m3 of Resin 60-100(NaOH)
Displacement Rinse rate *BV/hr 2-4
Displacement Rinse volume *BV 1-2
Fast Rinse rate *BV/hr 10-40
Fast Rinse volume *BV 4-10
Service flow rate *BV/hr 10-40

*Bed Volumes/Hour **Meters/Hour *Bed Volumes

Pharma Polymer (20)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) (4)

Taste Masking Agents (7)

Tablet Disintegrating Agents (3)

Nicotine Taste Masking (1)

Separation of Aminoacids, Enzymes & Alkloids (1)

Purification of Vitamin C (1)

Stabilization of Vitamin B12 (1)

Sustain/Control release (2)

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Demineralisation Resins (22)

Condensate Polishing /TPS Resins (7)

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  7. ASB 8010D UPS

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