Taste Masking Agents

Bitter drugs really very difficult for patient to take in oral dosage form, especially by pediatric & elderly patients. Doshion pharma grade polymers, designed specifically mask the bitter taste of drugs at certain pH, by making bitter less Resinate – ionic complex of drug and insoluble Polymer.The complex is susceptible to break in acidic pH and drug is released in GI tract.This taste masked complex-resinate can be further use in preparation of Suspension, Dry syrup, dispersible/mouth dissolving/chewable/effervescent tablets and lozenges etc.

Pharma Polymer (20)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) (4)

Taste Masking Agents (7)

  1. Doshion P-551
  2. Doshion P-542
  3. Doshion P-514
  4. Doshion P-544 C
  5. Doshion P-542 AB
  6. Doshion P-542 CP
  7. Doshion P-542 D

Tablet Disintegrating Agents (3)

Nicotine Taste Masking (1)

Separation of Aminoacids, Enzymes & Alkloids (1)

Purification of Vitamin C (1)

Stabilization of Vitamin B12 (1)

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