Decolor / De Ashing Resins

Doshion decolorizing resins are adsorption resins.
It can be used as a substitute of activated charcoal to decolorize fermentation solution like citric acid, maltose, glucose, sorbitol, xylenol, etc.
Doshion decolorizing resins have high selectivity exchange property to absorb colors. Compared with activated charcoal, Doshion resins have no byproduct, clean surrounding and can be regenerated for repeated use.
It can increases product purity and decrease cost in fermentation industry.

Pharma Polymer (20)

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) (4)

Taste Masking Agents (7)

Tablet Disintegrating Agents (3)

Nicotine Taste Masking (1)

Separation of Aminoacids, Enzymes & Alkloids (1)

Purification of Vitamin C (1)

Stabilization of Vitamin B12 (1)

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Decolor / De Ashing Resins (7)

  1. AWB 7020D
  2. AWB 7030D
  3. AWB 7050D
  4. DCR 11
  5. CSA 9
  6. CSA 29
  7. CSA 609D

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