Polacrilin Potassium USP NF

Polyflash – Polacrilin Potassium USP NF

POLYFLASH is a synthetic, insoluble and rapidly swelling poly methacrylic co-polymer in ionc form of potassium.
Generic Name: 2- Propenoic Acid, 2 – Methyl Polymer with Divinyl benzene potassium salt.
Doshion is having 3 different grade of POLYFLASH

  • Polyflash P 544 DS
  • Polyflash P 544 DB
  • Polyflash P 544 D

All these grades are based on different swelling capacity.

Granular Particles Provides good flow properties during tablet compression.
Porous Particle Morphology Swells rapidly & wicks water into the particles & tablet by capillary action, hence provides faster disintegration at lower use level.
Highly compressible material providing hard, non friable tablets.
Non Gelling Completely insoluble
Does not form gel that can impede disintegration, dissolution and drug release.
Low Sodium Content When low sodium contents are desired Polyflash polymers do not significantly change total sodium level, even at high usage level.
In comparison with conventional disintegrating agents, Na contents are negligible.
High Specific Surface Area Rapidly absorbs fluids including water, gases and toxins.

Applications :  Rapid disintegration in a wide range of oral solid dosage formulations and processes.

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